“You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Will? Happy?
When it comes to tech:
Do we own something that we can’t repair affordably
by ourselves?
Do we own something that we can’t configure to
fit our needs?
Are we happy seeing our privacy and freedom
in jeopardy?
Are we happy seeing toxic materials getting wasted
on fertile lands?
If your answer is no to all of these,
then we already don’t own our tech and we are not happy with it.
The problem is not us. The problem is the companies that put profit above everything. We only have one human race and one planet earth, and we can’t just keep watching them destroying both.

We are not here to follow trends. We are here to set new norms.

We exist to create timeless tech that meets all your needs without sacrificing the health of our planet and the prosperity of our societies.
Hi and Hola from Manchester and Barcelona! We are three mates from diverse backgrounds and demographics.
We are different but we all agree on common values, all revolved around being decent.
Fady · Egypt
The product architect with 5 hard-tech products under his belt.
Alina · Kyrgyzstan
The team builder and the lifeblood of our wider community.
Daniel · Spain
The creative powerhouse with passion about everything design.
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