Meet speaphone

The world’s first all-in-one modular audio system.

Configure your system

Choose modules to fit your needs, budget, and style.

Choose the components that meet your needs, style, or budget. And if your needs have changed, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime with ease.

Do it yourself or through a 3rd party repair shop with just a standard screwdriver and a digitally-available repair manual including board-level schematics.
Thanks to our partnership with THX on a custom amplifier, Speaphone delivers loud and crisp sound that has never been possible before in such a small form factor.

Speaker mode

Loud and crisp in a mini form factor.
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Woofer mod

Elevated experience of powerful sound.
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Fill rooms with wide, deep, and immersive sound by attaching Speaphone magnetically to the woofer dock.

Headphone mode

Quiet and immersive with active noise canceling.
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Enjoy your audio without the distractions of the world with adaptive active noise canceling for a week on a single charge.

Mic mod

Sound crystal clear with no background noise.
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Let it be calls or games, you will sound warm and smooth even if your neighbors are party heads.
Save Money

Choose the components that meet your needs and budget. And if they have changed, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime with ease.
Stay Private

In addition to Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, you have the choice to use our smart assistant. While being capable of running offline, it is smarter when connected to our decentralised servers.
Gain Peace

Repair yourself or through a repair shop with just a screwdriver and a digitally-available repair manual including board-level schematics. You also get 10 years of software features and security updates.

For you

Switching the power from the industry to you.
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Fair compensation

In addition to generous base salaries, everyone at COYOSY’s workplace or production facilities is a profitholder, getting bonuses from each purchase you make.
Humane Conditions

We will also have a healthcare team where we ensure that every employee and worker is at their best physical and mental shape all the time.
Decentralised future

Economic development shouldn’t be limited to one or two regions. Our long-term goal is to empower local communities all over the world to make their own tech from start to end.

For society

Building a world where people are happy and prosperous.
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Thoughtful Operations

A year after launch, we will offset the entirety of our team’s historical footprint, in addtion to making all our operations carbon and waste neutral.
Circular Production

For each purchase you make, you are funding the recycling of an equivalent gadget. We aim to make all our in-house components and parts from 100% recycled materials.
Enabling Change

Off-the-shelf parts will be chosen based on the amount of recycled and fairtrade materials used to make them.

For earth

Wealth means nothing without restoring our planet’s health.
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We are coyosy

We are here to make ethical tech the new norm.
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